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Mainscreen  Mainscreen > Bob McPherson > Animals at sea

Animals at sea

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Common site in Cape Nelson bay
Dolphins at sea
Dolphins often near the rock wall for viewing
Dolphins near rockwall
Dolphins in Cape Nelson bay
Rear Endangered Leatherback Turtle in Cape Nelson.These Tutles migrate from Calafornia.They are as big as a double bed matress,there head is as big as a humans.
Endangered Leatherback Turtle
Pilot whale in Cape Nelson bay.
Pilot Whale
 Pilot Whale in Cape Nelson bay
Pilot Whale
Cape Nelson bay
Pilot Whale
Resadent Fur Seal at Fish Tables
Fure Seal at Fish Tables

FureSeal at fish cleaning tabl

Young FureSeal at fish tables

Fure seal in Cape Nelson
Resadent Fure Seal at Fish Cleaning Tables.
Young Fure Seal at Fish Tables
White Shark Moping around boat at Snapper Point.
Small White Shark at Snapper P
Young Fure Seal at Snapper Point.
Young Fure Seal.
This Watertower is a lookout and is worth the  trouble to visit.
Dolphins off Watertower.
These Seals are at seals cave at Cape Nelson.
fur seals at cape nelson

Fur seals at Cape Nelson.

Fur Seals at Cape Nelson Caves

Common Dolphin.

Fur seal at boat ramp.
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