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Mainscreen  Mainscreen > Bob McPherson > Birds at sea

Birds at sea

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These can be viewed off Scenic Drive Lookouts.
Albertross at Cape Nelson
Some fom Antartica,New Zealand andother parts of the world.
Albertross of three types from
 Albertross are inquisitive.
Albertross comes in for a look
They are not  very shy.
Black Brow Albertross.
Albertross are glide masters in flight.
Albertross gliding.
Some wingspans can reach 240c.m. which is huge when gliding.
Big Wingspan of the Albertross
Black Brow Albertross resting.
Resting Albertross.
These Albertross come from all over the world to feed in this bonnies Krill Uplift.
Albertros taking off.
They seem to sit on the thick clouds of Krill.
Albertross comming in to land.
Rest on clouds of Krill.
Albertross Resting.
Gannets and Albertross feed in with the Dolphins as they push the bait up.
Albertross and Gannets feeding
With the big wingspan they just glide efortless for hours.
Albertross ,Masters of gliding
Efortless gliding for hours.
Albertross gliding.
Wings spaning up to 2.2 meters and more make these the masters of gliding.
Big wings of the Albertross.
They often come in close for a look.
Albertross comes in for a look

Two grouped up.

Albertross eyeballing.

Wonts a closer look.

Big Wingspan 2.2meters.

Gliding in close.
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