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Mainscreen  Mainscreen > Bob McPherson > Birds wild

Birds wild

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Brolga makes sure the cow does not go near her eggs.
Brolga Protects its Nest.
Brolgas often dance when on nest when mate returns from flight.
Brolgas Dancing when on nest.
In the State Forests.
Bronze Wing at Casterton.
This nest is over 40 years old and the eagles on this nest are as black as Crows.
Wedgetail Eagle Nest at Caster
The most awsome Rapter of them all yet now  threatened in alot of places is a machine from the past.
Awesome Wedgetail Eagle.
Unusual to se when less than 200 are left in this Endangered species.
Orange Bellie Parrot.
Thes Endangered Red Tail Black Cockatoos are the southern type and Casterton is a hot spot to view these amazing birds.
Endangered Red Tail Bchange. 9
These visual cockatoos breed in the stringibark forests and there main food supply come off these trees.
Endangered Red Tail Cockatoo.
The Endangered Orange bellie Parrot Male in Full Color.
Full Colored Orange Bellie Par
Another common Rapter.
White Kite .
Midnight Herron at the Glenelg river National Parks.
Midnight Herron.
Plenty of these special birds feed in the street trees.
Purple Crown Lorike.
Plenty of bird life at Narawwong river outlet.
Ducks at Narawong.
Endangered Orange Bellie Parrot at the Fitsroy River outlet.Tag Z.
Endangered Orange Bellie Parro
The Peacock at Digby.
Beautiful Peacock at Digby.
Purple Crown Lorikeet feeding in the native trees.
Purple Crown Lorikeet.
Merino wedgetail Eagle.
Awesome Wedgetail Eagle.
Wedgetail Eagle Chick in nest at casterton with Parent in the air.
Wedgetail eagle nest.
Another Native Rapter.
Whistling Kite.
 Common Yellowtail Black Cockatoo.
Yellowtail Black Cockatoo.
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