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Mainscreen  Mainscreen > Bob McPherson > Blue Whales

Blue Whales

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Blue Whale tailing in close to yhe cliffs at Cape Nelson bay.
Blue Whale Tailing in Close.
 This Photo was Taken By Niel Tonkin  and is Shared in this volume.
Blue Whale in Cape Nelson.
Blue Whale tails in close to Cape Nelson cliff lookout.
Blue Whale Tails in Close to c
Tailing near Great South West walk Lookouts on the cliffs.
Blue Whale Tailing near look o
Showing the size of these massive mamels.
Blue Whale in Cape Nelson.
Endangered and Rare Blue Whale in Cape Nelson shows its colors.
Blue Whale in Cape Nelson.
showing the blue colors.
Blue Whale in The Cape.

Blue Whale Backing Cape Nelson

Blue Whale backing in Cape Nel
Showing its Air Blows.
Blue Whale in Cape Nelson.
Showing the BLUE.
Blue Whale in Cape Nelson.
Note the boat in right hand background.
Blue Whale in Cape Nelson.
Great South West walk goes past here.
Blue whale in Close off Cliffs
Blue whales  get in close even when feeding.
Blue Whale in Close.
Blues often move up near the Quarry.
Blue Whale and Alcoa in Backgr
Blues get close to the cliff lookouts sometimes.
Blue whale in close to water b
Some of these Blues came in as close as 35meters on the Krill.
Blue whale in Close 45meter wa

Blue Whale.
This Blue came up bellie first and shows the unusual underneath side.
Blue Whale shows its Bellie.
Blue Whale in Cape Nelson on the Swell.
Blue Whale up on the Swell.
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