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Glenelg river

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Plenty of Bream and Mullaway mixed with Mullet in this Eastuary.
Bream at Prichards.
80 Kilometers of eye pulling Flora on a salt wedge tidal eastury.Manny Canoes in Holiday parties run this Mecca.
Canoeing McClenens Punt.
The Panican area around mid 1940's.
Glenelg in the old times.
Alot of Limestone Cliffs and Caves plus the eye smashing Flora and Fauna.The fishing when there on is top class.
Glenelg River Cliffs.
One of a group of Mulloway caught trawling with a Canoe.They grow alot bigger than this one.
A medium size Mulloway.
Alot of bird life on this 80 klom.of stuning National Parks.Another one of Victorias best kept secrets these national Parks.
Ducks resting on the river.
These two Kids rechon they did pretty well.In the 1980's.
Mulloway catch at Prichards.
This bloke is wondering which one he will cook for dinner.
Mulloway at Prichards.
Nice Fresh Mulloway.When one Rod goes they all go usually.
Mulloway at Prichards.
Alot of Fishermen Camp at the sites and Fish from small boats or off the Jetties.
Mulloway in the 1980's.
This was a large Mulloway at Princess Margaret Caves area.Caught on half a calamarie squid head.
Large Mulloway near the Caves.
Nelson is the lower end of the river before the sea.Nelson is a Township and is picture to see.
Boat Ramp near Nelson.
Beautiful looking scenery in this area.In September the Flora and wild flowers are underated.
The Eastury near Nelson.
Panican Bend up river aprox.1925.No cars in them days.The tough times.No lights  etc.
The Panican bend old times.
This bridge is not there now, it has been replaced.
The Old Glenelg Bridge.
Over 40 klom. up stream from the mouth and the tide lifts on the  fresh runing winter water for 80 klometers.
Down Steam from Prichards.
The Jetties are all along the river.
tide going out at Prichards.
Prichards is nilly 50 klometers up streem from the mouth.
Prichards from the water.
This was how it was years ago.
Prichards bend in old times.
Early morning near the Princess Margaret Caves.You could hear a pin drop hear inthe morning.
Early morning down near the ca
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