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Professional fishing

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The Aerial shoeing its keal.
Famious Aerial Couta Boat.
Browdbill sword Fish off the Trawlers.These fish are also in the famious Bonnies Krill uplift off Bridgewater.
Broadbill Sword Fish.
Cray boat on the way home past Lorance Rocks.
Cray boat on the way home.
Cray Boats mored at fishermans wharf in the Canel.
Cray Boats mored at Fishermans
The Historic Cranes at the fishermans wharf at the canel.
Fishermans Historic Cranes.
Gausehuin mored in the canel.
Canel morings.
This is not the biggest Giant squid that has been caught but is a indacation of what is in the uneak Krill uplift off Bridgewater.
Giant Squid off the Trawlers.
They grow alot bigger than this one.
Giant Squid off the Trawlers.
The Corkscrew is the spiral lookout on the end of the Anderson Breakwall.
Looking back from the Corkscre
Tese live King crabs and Crays are held live for export all over the world.
Live King Crabs and Crays .
These Crays,King crabs are kept live for Export at seafood outlets.
Live Crays in holding tanks.
Showing off the goodies at the Seafood exsporter.
Live Seafood Export.
some of the fishing fleet.
View of the Fishing fleet.
Some of these boat in season average 10 tons over nite each.Torpedo Squid.
Squid Boats Unloading.
Unloading the nights catch ready for marget.These Squid supply Melbourne margets.They will be there in 4 hours time on ice.Then surved up the same night.
Unloading the Squid.
Looking East up the canel to the fishing fleet.
The Canel fishing fleet.

The Cray boat fleet in the Can
This is a large live cray.They take 80 years to get to 4.5 kg.
a nice sized live Cray.
This style cray boat was popular in the 1960's.
The old style Cray Boat.
Trawler wharf looks special at night.
Trawler wharf at night.
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