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Mainscreen  Mainscreen > Bob McPherson > Southern right Whales
216 image(s):: S.R.Whales 2009.

Southern right Whales

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Southern right Whale tailing in front of Meretamo.
Southern right Whale tailing.
This S.R.Whale was up near the silos showing how deep the harbour is for the ships.
S.R.Whale in harbour.
S.R.Whale in Harbour heading back along Anderson Breakwall.
S.R.Whale in Harbour.
S.R.Whale swims along Nuns Beach.
S.R.Whale off Nuns Beach.
Because of the deep sea harbour they come in close to structures .The lee Whalf is 16 to 18 meters deep at entrance.
S.R Whale swims along Lee Tank
S.R.Whale swims along rock wall.
S.R Whale off rock wall.
S.R.Whale with tail out near water tower.This water tower is noe a look out for the turist so what aview you will get.
S.R. Whale tail out near water
S.R.Whale with tail up and Portland in background.
S.R. Whale tail up.
These two S.R.Whales were in harbour early morning till 11am then crused off towards Warrnambool.
Two Southern rights in Harbou
These two S.R. Whales were in the Harbour one morning.
Two Southern right Whales.
Photo in front of Watertower.Portland.
Southern right.
This Photo was taken in front of Meretamo.Portland.
Southern right head up.
southern right Exausting.
southern right Whales at water tower 7 month 04 this year.Portland.
Southern right Whales.
S.R.Whale viewing at Warrnambool.1 hour from Portland.Whales are a big turist call card at this location.
Logans Beach Warrnambool.
S.R.Whales at Logans Beach Warrnambool injuly 04
Logans Beach Warrnambool.

S.R.Whale in the Breakers.

Logans Beach Warrnambool.

Logans Beach

S.R.Whale and Calf
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