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wild sea scenes

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The safe passage on the way home is only 200meters off this reef.
This is the Big reath at work.
Been some big boats come to grief on this reef.Water is 4 meters deep under it.
Big Reef working.
This is a spot worth a look.Wild country around here when the sea is at work.
blow Holes at Bridgewater.
See some unreal water some days in these spots when its wrough.
Blow Holes working the cliffs.
Blow Holes at Work.Viewing off the Viewing platform on a swell is spectactular.
Blow Holes at Work.
The colors are rearly the same or the sea at sunset.
Unreal Sunsets at Bridgewater.
The walk to seals caves on these highest cliffs in Victoria with the views are worth the effort.
The High Cliffs at Bridgewater
Cliffs at Cape Nelson light house take a constant pounding.
Cape Nelson Light House.
The surfers Pound this mecca beach so the Surfing must be good.
Cape Nelson Beach.
These Cliffs from the air show the height and ruggered faces of the cliffs.
Cape Nelson lighthouse ruggere
Shows at water level the lighthouse.
Cape Nelson Lighthouse at wate
The water does strange things at times.
Cape Nelson Lighthouse.
View back off the water.
Cape. Nelson lighthouse at wat
Sometimes the water is like glass.
Lighthouse on a calm day.
Shows what it looks like from the water.
Lighthouse from the sea.
Big Rock Pools below the Lighthouse.
The Pools below lighthouse.
These Pools are flushed out being at seelevel.
Rock Pools below lighthouse.
Sunrise at Lorance Rocks on a Tuna Run morning.
Lorance Rocks Sunrise.
The water is always smashing these cliffs.
Water at the Quaries.
Note the Abb.Boat  working in the Picture.
The Cape Nelson Cliffs.
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