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Southern Right Whales   Print 

ImageThe southern right whales pass these cliffs on their way to Warrnambool to have their young during winter and sometimes rest in Portland bay after their long journey from Antarctica.

 In summer they usually stay over night and head off to Warrnambool usually the next day, they have at times even frequented the harbour to massage the barnicle areas on the breakwaters. The krill uplift welling sometimes when it is calm is as Blue as Ink in Bridgewater Bay and also this holds one of the Biggest Marine Parks in Victoria for size.

 The area also boasts some of the largest movement of common dolphins through this rich area feeding on souries and red bait.

 Click Here to view more images of Southern Right Whales by Bob McPherson.

The local gannet Colony is open for tourists to view and in summer when the young are hatching it?s a really spectacular sight, including their diving for bait at sea, feed habits. These birds fly as far as 40 kilometres out to sea and as far as 60 kilometres from their nesting roost to feed the young and are superior to watch, in the air.

 Portland has some of the roughest sea in the world when the weather conditions don?t suit but this naturally drives the food in close to the spectacular high cliff and sometimes the swell will drive the sea over the top of the Quarry cliffs.