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Abalone Divers


Welcome to the Victorian Abalone Divers Association Inc,

Latest Virus Update

The Current Situation ? July 2007

Since being found in wild abalone, at Port Fairy in May 2006, the virus has spread rapidly.

?            Almost 200 kilometers of Victorian Coast affected, with no signs of weakening Consistent movement of 5 to 10 km per month.

?            Disease has devastated one Marine Sanctuary, and is approaching the Twelve Apostles Marine National Park in the east, and Discovery Bay Marine National Park in the west.

?            Millions of abalone dead, up to 95 per cent mortality in some populations.

?            Appears to spread readily through water, and on seaweed.

?            Effects Blacklip, Greenlip and Hybrid (farmed) abalone.

?            At least 2 of the recent long distance Virus movements have been to land based, ocean access points,

?            No active monitoring of virus being undertaken by DPI.

?            All areas outside of the small control zone are still able to be harvested by commercial and recreational divers.


  • Government to work with abalone industry
  • A public awareness campaign
  • Zoning of State for Disease
  • Stopping forward Transmission of Virus
  • Limited access for recreational divers
  • Ban on moving live abalone from Western Victoria to open circuit holding tanks
  • Active Government monitoring
  • More sites monitored on the coast
  • Restore effective policing of abalone thieves
  • Plan for recovery of native abalone populations
  • Proper scientific monitoring and research