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Past Report 2010   Print 




12/2/10.Ian and Jamie Cook had there bag limit of small Kings today;they  also released 30 using 2 kg line this arvo.These were caught at Snapper Point.Last night there was one over 10 kg bought in.


9/2/10.There was S.B.Tuna to the 30 kg mark caught at Portland and Port Mac yesterday.The Nth Shore has had good size  School Sharks for some to 23 kg.There was Kingfish to 11 kg. caught  this evening on squid heads  at Snapper Point so yes  the Kings are about to go again.

26/1/10.Plenty of Mako Sharks being caught  by alot of fishermen in recent days.The biggest was 193 kg.Most are in the 70 to 90kg and beyond.Any amount of Samon just outside the Harbour with others catching School Shark,Flathead,Snapper,Whiting and the list goes on.Kingfish have been a bit quiter in the last fuew days.Yes the color of Tuna  are already at Port Mac.

Samon on the boil outside the Harbour.

19/1/10.One of the bigger Kings that came in tonight of Danny Santangelos.Tim Clark Danny and his brother  had two good Kings and broke off 3 more at the boat all at Snapper Point on Livies.You can weigh this fish with your eyes.

17/1/10.Yellowtail are still being caught to 12 kg and beyond.Plenty of Snapper to the 2 kg mark,with any amount of whiting to the .9 kg mark.

Some of the recent catches this week.

12/1/10.Wain Klingberg caught these Kings today on the troll;Biggest was 11.5 kg.

9/1/10.Chris Hall shows off one of the Kings from a 4 way hook up at the Abb Farm area this morning.

one of the Makos today of Ken Johnson at 69kg.

This 16.8 kg.King fish was one of a double hook up by Luke Buttigieg and mates at the Abb Farm today at 4 P.M.

7/1/10.Game on Charters caught a 178 Kg. Mako yesterday in the 40 meter water.Still some Kingfish are being caught over the Nth. Shore up to the 13 kg mark.Plenty of Snapper and plenty of tablefish from out the back.


Gameon Charters 178 kg Mako.Bruce McPherson and mates Kingies.



1/1/10. Some of todays Mako Sharks we caught  and released out the back.

30/12/09. One of todays Yellowtail we seen caught by Ted Bennett at Snapper Point.


29/12/09. Some Yellowtail Kings are just starting to show off Snapper Point.Brett Murray bought one in last night and one of 12.5 kg was also amongst the catch in the morning.

Snapper,squid are also off the Lee breakwater.Mako Sharks up to 140 kg have also been caught and released by several fisho's with a fuew small ones in the 60 to 90 kg being kept for the table.Plenty of fish comming from the 50 to 70 meter water by everybody.This is just a fuew of the fish going off at present.






Releasing S.B.Tuna.If so many S.B.Tuna  being released at present.Most S.B.Tuna we release

over the years are as you bag out in numbers you should change to skirted luers "only".As you bring the closest tuna to the side of the boat preferably if the motor in idle,one takes hold of the leader and pulls the skirt up the leader by hand to save it and then cut the leader  close to the hook of the Tuna's mouth and let it swim off.You can soon put another hook on the same leaders and continue fishing.This way the Tuna is not stressed or handled by hand and should survive.

The less time it takes to release the Tuna the more chance it has of surviving.Some days we have released up to 20 Tuna this way when they are active.It is no point saying you released heeps if they are only going to die and feed the Mako Sharks.Hope this helps those who are wondering how we release them.

Coast Guard Portland.You can log on 27MHz.Channel 88 or VHF Channel 16.You must log off when you return or you "will be missing"!For non emergenecy PH. 55 236111.


Matt's Catch today.Before the Shelf.


27/6/09.Most Charter boats and Fisho's caught Tuna in the 18 kg. range with some having 24 kg. Albies.Good size School Sharks and Gummies also came in from some fishing parties.

Some of the Tuna we Released on Saturday.


25/6/09.Plenty of Tuna comming in here from the Charter boats and the other Fisho's from 140 meter water to over the Shelf with Tuna busting in big groups.

21/6/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of Tuna today in the 120 and 400 meter  water from most fisho's today.We caught our tuna in the 400 meter water near the Horse Shoe area.Any amount of tuna busting the water in this area.



16/6/09.S.B.Tuna.One 104 kg.Tuna was landed at Port Mac. today.Check Port. Mac report for details and photo on this site.One of 101 kg. from Port Fairy yesterday both in 50/60 meter water so  they are moving past at present.Plenty of small Tuna are being caught in all the three areas.



14/6/09.S.B.Tuna.Any amount of Tuna today from all the boats that fished for them.Most were caught in the 60,100 and 140 meter water and there is plenty there.All the Charter boats had no problem catching there limits.

/6/09.S.B.Tuna.Today Game on Charters had a good catch of Tuna in the 100 meter water and had some nice 25 kg Albies yesterday in the 145 meter water.Saturday most fisho's had good success on Tuna in 70 meters of water to over the Shelf area.Most areas had Tuna breaking the water and were finicky to catch.


4/6/09.S.B.Tuna.More Tuna today from 70 to 140 meter water and beyond.Odd 25 kg. Albies from the same area's.Most catches are being caught on very small jet head luers.In most cases the luer prentation and placement is more inportant than color with very small luers.They shood be staggard;One close next middle and one way out the back untill you get a strike and then you can place them in the area you get the 1st strike.If you put any old lures on and place them any where you may be "Fishing and Whishing"as you will be driving over Tuna.

3/6/09.S.B.Tuna.Tuna from 11 to 16kg were bought in today from numerous boats.Some from 70,140 meters and the Shelf.One crew had 3 Albies in the 25 kg range from the 140 meter water.

31/5/09.S.B.Tuna.Yesterday most of the Tuna and plenty of them were caught in the 40 to 50 meter water in front of Cape Nelson to the back of Lorance Rock.Today the tuna were caught mainly in the 60 meter  water East of Lorance Rock.

28/5/09.S.B.Tuna.Yesterday Tuna were caught in 70 meters of water behind Lorance Rocks and one Albie was also weighed in at 29 kg. on Seaspray Charters.It is well known that Tuna are in 50 meter water at Port Mac.We have caught Tuna for weeks now in the 70 meter water East  towards Port Fairy and now today plenty of Tuna were caught in 38 meter water off Cape Nelson Lighthouse.How far out !! try .5 of KL.Matt Hunt Charters put some fisho's onto them this morning as they were baged out and releasing them at 10-15 am.All the boats in this area had plenty of Tuna.

Note Cape Nelson in the background today.


26/5/09.S.B.Tuna.Some of the Charter boats and quite a fuew fisho's did well on the Tuna today from the 120 meter water to the shelf edge and beyond.One catch had 25 kg. Albies in his catch.Yesterday had simular results.With so much warm water at present alot of locations are not being exsposed between Port. Mac. and Portland or Port. Fairy area's.

24/5/09.S.B.Tuna.Weather played alot in the weekend catches as not being in favor of most Tuna fishmen.Those who delt with the conditions had Tuna to 16 kg.Albies to 25 kg.Mako Sharks to 70 kg.Sunday we took Chris Purkins of Black Magic luers for his choice of fishing on Portlands King George Whiting and he had plenty for a feed.

Chris Purkins with some of his Whiting.

One of the fuew 7 Gill Sharks in the Whiting grounds.

 19/5/09.S.B.Tuna.More Tuna came in today but not as manny as yesterday.The best catches came from the 120 meter water.Quite a few good size Snapper are being caught off the Lee Breakwater with fresh Tuna as bait as Francis Stevens 6.4 Kg one came in today.

Some of todays Tuna ;Francis Stewarts 6.4 kg Snapper.

18/5/09.Plenty of Tuna today from the charter boats and others.Alot of tuna came from the 80 m.water to the shelf and beyond.Some of the Tuna are being released with some even been taged.One of the Albes weighed in at 25 kg.

Lockie with one of todays Tuna.

12/5/09.S.B.Tuna.The Charter boats and the Fisho's all had good catches  of Tuna to 19+ kg. today in the 130 to 200 meter water and beyond.Bruce Harris took us out and alot of the Tuna were released.One had its tail taken by a 70 kg. Mako Shark.Gameon Charters also had some striped tuna in his catch.Another party had 3 Dolphin fish in there catch on Saturday.


The Mako Shark on the Tuna.

 on one of theTuna today.


8/5/09.S.B.Tuna.Most Fisho's had mixed results today with some Bagging out while others only had a fuew Tuna from shellow to the Shelf area's.Mick Kondratien was one of two crews which had 10kg Dolphin Fish.Another crew had Albies to 25 kg.

Mick Kondratien with one of todays Dolphin Fish.

6/5/09.S.B.Tuna.Most Charter boats and Fisho's are catching any amount of tuna  16 to 19 kg. range from the 100 meter water and beyond.The 22 Kg ones apear to be more over the 200 meter  line.Some fisho's hook up's have been taken by odd Mako's and Killer Whales.Reports of Tuna in close from Port Mac. Portland to Port Fairy.

Some of the Tuna from the Keppel Prince boat on tuesday.


3/5/09.S.B.Tuna.There is any amount of Tuna in the 16 to 18 kg range coming from the 100 to 130 meter water.One Albie was weighed today at 28 kg.Adrian from Aussie Angler had a nice 12 kg. Dolphin fish from the 130 meter water today.Peter Pakula and Aku Valta of Repala luers  tested some of there gear on the Tuna also this weekend.


12 kg. Dolphin Fish.Aku Valta and Peter Pakula.

30/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of 18 kg.Tuna came in today.Alot were caught in the 130 meter water and to the 200 meter line.We could see Tuna busting  in the 48 meter water today.

29/4/09.S.B.Tuna.The Charter boats and the Private boats all had large catches and released plenty of Tuna today in the 18 kg range.One catch had a 6 kg Stripey in  it.Most of the Tuna were caught just before and on the 200 meter line.

Shanes 6 kg Stripey;Police"Where did you get those 80'S from Fella".


21/4/09.S.B.Tuna.The Big one today weighed in at 123.2 kg Bleed which was caught by Steve Ranlane and friends Simon and Chris on a small "OKA Luer" at the Horse Shoe area.Alot of Tuna and Albies are jumping and teasing everybody yet finiky to catch at present.We viewed 7 Killer Whales putting some of the Tuna into the air today just like bait fish which was amazing to watch.

Note 2.5 hrs using the boat and  his 80 W.Length 2.2 meters long.

One of the 7 Killer Whales  that were into the Tuna today.

17/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Any amount of Tuna and Albies to 23 kg weighed came in to day.Tuna can be caught in the 100 to 120 meter water behind Lorance Rocks for those who don't wont to travel to the Shelf.Plenty were caught here today.

15/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Most trips this week has had big no's of Albies to 16 kg. and some normal Tuna for those who went West.Photos below show some of the Luers that show size and color of some of the Big Tuna catches recently.The Pakula  took the 128 kg,The OKA Luers took the 105 kg and 117 kg ones and plenty of other brands have had sucess also.It is mainly to give  an idea of size or color for some who are not  Prowess in lure  selection.

(1)117 kg OKA Luer.(2) 128 kg.Pakula Luer.(3) 105 Kg. OKA Luer.


11/4/09.S.B.Tuna.This was the bigest one we seen today.

This is one of the ones we seen jumping today.

10/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Heeps of boat traffic today on the Tuna.Plenty of tuna to be seen today on the water and on the cleaning tables.The biggest Tuna today was 117.5 kg. and was bleed before weighing.Albert Buckner and crew member Kevin Fin had this one on for 3.5 hrs on a 50 W out from the horse Shoe area and caught on a dark OKA Lures of 20cm.

Todays 117.5 kg Tuna bleed before weighed.


9/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Tuna were jumping every where today all over the place but would not bite well.Plenty of Tuna and Albies were caught by those who perservered.Steve Makarios and crew Ross Moor and Eddie Zahra caught the big one of 128 kg.which would have lost 1kg. of blood easy before weighing.There Tuna was hooked up for 5.5 hrs and chased with the boat all that time on a 80 kg Reel.Perhaps thats why it is the biggest Tuna caught in Victoria and weighed to date.I surpose it says alot for "Sunseting of reels".

Steve Makarios,Eddie Zahra and Ross Moor with there 128 kg Tuna which was bleed before weighing.



8/4/09.S.B.Tuna.The big S.B.Tuna turned it on today for alot of Fisho's.Don't worry about the "Full Moon Minth" as it has nothing to do with these feellas.Renny Cassap and Sam had a 103 kg Tuna.Craig Johnson boated a 95.7 kg out of his hook ups.Murry Peteson had a 94 kg one.Steve Atcherson had a 105 kg one.Plenty were fought for hrs and were lost and most Tuna came from multiple hook ups.Our crew had 2 hooked up for well  into the second hour before we lost them.The Tuna were hooked up in a 14 mile seperation areas.Two of the Tuna were fought for 4 hrs on 24 kg line of two fishermen in the photos.

There was also some 50W's that come in with no line on them.



Sam cassaps 105 kg.Tuna.Steve Atchisons 105 kg. Tuna.

Murry Petersons 94kg. Tuna .Craig Johnsons  96 kg. Tuna.

7/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Game on Charters caught there customers there Tuna and Albies easy today.There was also Tuna and Albies in the 100 meter water today also.Our crew could have caught as manny Albies as you like up to 16 kg. so we took our Albie luers off to catch only Tuna in the end. The Tuna are also in the 24 kg. range today.

4,5,/4/09.S.B.Tuna.4th.the boats that ventured out all had Tuna and some had Albies.Our crew caught our first 22 kg Tuna and 18 kg Albies in the 120 meter water then simular on the Shelf.Red Hot charters and others had simular catches.Sunday the 5 th. Matt Hunt the only boat out had 5 Tuna for his crew.Yes so there is Tuna in the shellows if you look for them.

3/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Today only five boat ventured to the Shelf.All boats had Tuna and Albies yet Mick Djokic had one Tuna which was weighed in at 95.6 Kg.

Mick Djokics 95.6 Kg. S.B.Tuna.

2/4/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of S.B.Tuna to the 30 kg. mark and  Albies to the 20 kg. mark came in today.Julian Dickersns crew had the bigger ones today with 2 big tuna hooked up, 1 lost beside the boat and the other angled by Granger Mayfield was weighed at 87.5 Kk.These are good big Tuna and if you put 10 kg. of condition on them they are aproaching the 100 kg. mark.

Granger Mayfield with his 87.5 kg S.B.Tuna.

1/4/09.S,B.Tuna.Lou Danese and Dave Busuttil had a 2 hour fight on there 125 kg. S.B.Tuna today.The first run nilly spooled them on there 50 W or 24 kg reel and Dave had alot less than 100 meters of line left when he stoped the Brute.He had a 150 mm lure: "Black Bart Canyon Runner" with no wind on or double;the leader on the lure was 150 kg with a 6 "O" hook.The Tuna had lost at least 2 kg of blood before being weighed so it was a beasty Tuna.This tuna had a gut content of "Hokeys".Plenty of other normal Tuna and Albies are being caught also.


Lou Danese and Dave Busuttil with the 125 kg. S.B.Tuna.

I Thought you might like some more info; Caught in 1000 meter water off Horse Shoe.



Spearthrower weighing the Tuna;Which Reel do you think ! The middle one.

Black Bart luer;The Hokey bait from the stomach.

29/3/09.S.B.tuna.Frank Portelli and Mario Portellie in the photo were happy with there 114 kg S.B.Tuna caught on Viney Farrugias Boat today.Another one of simular size was also lost after 2 hrs while we all watched at the final stages. 

114 Kg. S.B.Tuna.9Kg.Albie in  same Tunas mouth.

"1"114 S.B.Tuna;"2"114 Kg S.B.Tuna with 9 kg Albie in its mouth;"3"Lockie Woombel and son Dean with his first Tuna.

28/3/09.S.B.Tuna.42 Kg. S.B.Tuna was the biggest one we seen come in today.Plenty of Tuna and Albies came in from alot of boats here.It was hard to find room to clean your catch on the cleaning tables today.

27/3/09.S.BTuna.Plenty of good size Tuna and Albies came in today.Peter Hurshell for 2 nd day in a row nailed another big S.B.Tuna of 105 kg in his catch.Another party had a 55 kg S.b.Tuna and blew a big Tuna by  reading to much into the "Sun Set setting"Its not a good idea if your not exspierenced on big fish playing with the sunset drag;It is better to stay Cool and just add a little more near the end than too soon.You could blow a fish of a life time.Plenty of Tuna in the mid 30's came in today.We are posting Shane Cronnie's 126 kg photo also which is the biggest Tuna known weighed and caught in Victoria.


Peter Hurshells 105 kg. Tuna;Happy with his 55 kg Tuna.

Shane Cronnies 126 kg S.B.Tuna.

26/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Only 3 boats ventured out today.They had Tuna and Albies.Peter Hurshell had one S.B.Tuna of 73 kg. which he was going to release but the Tuna was too exausted so they kept it.

25/3/09.S.b.Tuna.Shane Chromies crew ended up with one of 126 kg & a 63 kg. Tuna.Rob Zynevych had a nice S.b.Tuna of 99.7 Kg.Another unconfimed 40 kg Albie.Plenty of tuna in the high 30 kg and the Albies averaging a good 16 kg.

Shane Chromies 126 kg Tuna.Rob Zynevychs 99.7 kg Tuna.


24/3/09.S.B.Tuna.72 Kg.S.B.Tuna of Colin Dodsens on the crew of "Airborn".This was one out of a double hook up.A fuew others were blown away.Plenty of normal size Tuna and Albies were also caught.

23/3/09.S.B.Tuna.101 Kg. S.B.Tuna was caught today by Simon Ranaldi of Red Hot Charters.Note the open swivel clip and how luckie that was .

"OK" ;Caught at 10.30Am.700 meter water .South  of the Horse Shoe.Nilly spooled to the steel.Sunset at 16+ kg.drag.Caught amongst small Albies !.Note the  straight snap swivel

The Luer.

21/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of Tuna up to 37 kg. weighed and Albies to 16 kg. today from alot of boats.Tuna were down a bit on numbers to Albies.

Julian Dickersons crews catch.

Some of the Boats you see.

20/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of Tuna to 32 kg. and Albies to 12 kg. in good numbers today from all boats.I fished with Bruce McPherson and amongst our catch we had a double hook up on 44 kg S.B.Tuna which we ended up with one.

Bruces 44 kg S,B,Tuna.

19/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of Tuna and Albercore also today.The Charter boats and the private boats did well.One boat baged out in 120 meter water also.Chris Hall,Chris Perkins of Black Magic leurs,Bones and myself had any amount of Albies to 16 kg. and Tuna to 28 kg.

Chis Perkins and Bones with some of there Tuna.

18/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of Tuna and Albies also came in today.Glenn Powell and Mark Gillespio on there 2nd trip this week  today baged out on Tuna and had 4 nice Albies they also released 7 Tuna.

Some of Glenn and Marks catch.Tuna waiting  for room on the cleaning tales.

17/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Plenty of S.b.Tuna and Albercore came in from the boats on the water today.Matt Hunt Charters had a good catch with Tuna and Albies.We caught ours  and so did several others today in 123 meters of water.The Tuna were feeding on small Squid.

Squid the Tuna were feeding on.One of todays Tuna. 

12&13/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Thursday had a mixed catch of S.B.Tuna to34 kg and Albies to 30 kg from some boats.Friday had one S.B.Tuna weighed in at 62 Kg of Mitsul Skips.Others had S.b.Tuna to32 kg. and Albies to 12 kg.

Mitsul Skips 62 kg S.B.Tuna & some of Thursdays S.B.Tuna.


11/3/09.Albacore.Good groups of Albacore  to12 kg.came in today from numerous boats.

8/3/08.S.B.Tuna.We seen here today the most boat trailers lined up for some time.Bait and Tackle staff counted over 200 trailers.Plenty of Tuna with a mix of Albacore came in from the Charter boats and the private operators.Some of the S.B.Tuma were in the high 36+ kg. range.


7/3/09.S.B.Tuna.Any amount of S.B.Tuna were caught by the Charter boats and the private anglers.S.B.Tuna to 30+ kg and Albies to 30 kg. also.There was that manny big boats here today that parking was fairly limited.The frame bin could not hold all the Tuna frames.



y out..4/3/09.S.B.Tuna.As most are thinking Tuna this weekend and with the strong westly winds and high swell this week it is a ill wind that blows no good.From the years of Tuna exspierence i,ve had you will find by this weekend we will have Tuna  in shellow water not far behind Lorence rocks in the 60 to 120 meter water untill the sea settles down and then they will move out deep again over a week. We caught Tuna a week ago in 120 meter water yet there is couta feeding on the same bait sought. Remember most of the Dolphin Fish were caught in the 80 meter water in recent years.Big Tuna also frequent  these  shellow waters. This may help those that are thinking with the weather of having to push out to the Shelf.

2/3/09.S.B.Tuna.The two charter boats and some privates had good catches today.Tuna to 24 kg.and Albies to 24 kg.

Late retun was Alan Sullivans crew with a mixed bag of Albies,S.B.Tuna ,Blue eye and other Goodies.


1/3/09.S.B.Tuna.On Saturday some boats had fair catches as previous trips and the Tuna were finicky to catch for all fisho's.We had our 4 Tuna  and so did Bruce McPherson who had Bagged out yet we all including another 2 boats watched hundreds of tuna bust and Jump out of the water at 5/6 pm to show as  in previos years the tide timings of the EBB is generaly to late in the day for most Fisho's.Sunday the same phenomena was in progress with only select groups having hook ups.Some with odd Albies ,4 Tuna,3 Tuna,1 Tuna and the like.We had 2 Tuna and 1 Albie yet still seen several Tuna  bust the water yet we  could not be bothered staying to the late EBB tide movement in the afternoon.Some days tuna will feed deep on squid and baits and only come close to the surface on the tide EBBS and this is diffent to meat ball  or bait at surfaace feeding as in the previous week. 

Photo shows the size of squid in the Tuna when feeding deep.

27/2/09.S.B.Tuna.Most boats had good groups ofS.B.Tuna to 34 Kg.+.The tuna are finicky to catch today.Matt Hunt had Tuna,Viewhaven and alot which we don't know all there names all had Tuna.We took a New Zealand Turist or friend of Chris Halls for his 1,2,3 and 4 th. & more "1 st" up tuna and he was stoked.Heeps of 3.5 kg Samon are just outside the Harbour.King fish to 10 kg have been caught each day by some Fisho's.

Bones with his 1 st. Tuna.

25/2/09.S.B.Tuna.Game On Charters had Tuna to 32 kg. with Albies to 22 kg.Matt Hunt had Tuna so did Seaspray Charters.Other private parties also had good catches of Tuna.One party also had 10 kg.King Fish.






24/2/09.Yellow Tail.Bruce McPherson and his mate had 5 Kings on tonoght and ended up with a fuew showing that these fish are still here for those targeting them.Matt Hunt also had S.B.Tuna yesterday.


22/2/09.S.B.Tuna."Yes".Well any amount of S.B.Tuna came in again today with the Tuna frame bin overflowing again by mid afternoon.Some of the bigest tuna were caught by Albert Buckners crew with some 1200mm. long or in the 36+ kg.and a bit bigger.Alot of 30 kg tuna also came in today.Most Fisho's released heeps of Tuna today.


21/2/09.S.B.Tuna.Any amount of S.B.Tuna again today with some 21 kg Albercore.The Tuna frames bin was full again tonight.Most S.B.Tuna were toping the 30 kg mark.Lockie Woombel and my self caught  S.B.Tuna with 2 weighing 36 kg. others 30 kg and less which were released.Note 36 kg Tuna are at the 1200mm length and in the new regs you would only be aloud one of this size each or larger and one smaller.

Yellow tail Kings were caught up to 15 in groups by those targeting them.



19/2/09.B.F.Tuna.Any amount of S.B.Tuna today up to 30kg. and well above.Also good groups of Albercore.There was that manny frames tonight at the cleaning tables that the big blue bin was  nilly over flowing.I had a great trip with Greg Collier,Brad Braham who baged out just like everybody else.We found the strange new Black Magic lure colors very successful as in the photos.Most of the charter boats we seen had good catches today also.My last two Trips i found the Tuna in 129 meters,500 meter,1000 meter of water and from the Horse Shoe to  the west 16 miles and to the west again to the S.A. border.


Some of the new Black Magic Luers in action.


18/2/09.B.F.Tuna.Plenty of boats had good size S.B.Tuna today.Matt Hunt had these world class Tuna up and well over 34 kg. mark.They also released more than they caught.



17/2/09.S.B.Tuna.We observed 4 boats with S.B.Tuna to 28 kg and albercore to 18 kg.Bruce McPherson and Brent Jennings returned with 26 kg. S.B.Tuna and 18 kg. Albies  out of a total  catch of 20 Tuna of which most were released.

Brent Jennigs & Bruce McPherson ;Chris Young &Ron Cambell.


Yellow Tail Kings;are still being caught at Snapper Point as Danny and his mates in two boats found.They had 12 Kings to 12 kg. and had just as manny riped off on the reef today.


14/2/09.S.B.Tuna.Heeps or more like hundreds of S.B.Tuna were caught and released today up to 40+ Kg not counting the Albercore up to16 kg.There was a count of 185 boat trailers here with some fairly exspensive rigs.Alot of the Fisho's are releasing alot of there catch and only keeping what they need.Chris Hall and Black Magics rep

 Chris Perkin and my self had any amount of Tuna to 30 kg and Albercore to test his tackle  on with some experiment lures that will be released here soon.


This is one of the larger ones we released today. Also one of the luers being tested  

13/2/09.S.B.Tuna.One boat had a play with the Tuna in close in the 120 meter water today with 3 tuna to over 28 kg.The wind and weather were not very favorable today.




10/2/09.Kings,Albacore,Tuna.Today David Miller nailed another 15 kg King fish.Yesterday David had 7 Kings to 14 kg. S.B,Blue fin Tuna came in today to 30 kg.

Matt Hunts crew had plenty of Albercore to over 14.5 Kg and had a S.B.Tuna on for 50 minutes and was droped beside the boat at a conservativly 70/80 lg. So now there has been a couple this size hooked up and lost in a fuew days apart.




8/2/09.Sunday.Blue Fin Tuna.Well today Tim Clark and crew,Julian Dickerson and Crew,Bruce McPherson and Crew, and of course Chris Hall,Lockie Wombwell and myself had no conplaints about the size or number of Tuna to be caught and released today.They are averaging to 30 kg and well beyond.Plenty were also released.Julian Dickerson also caught a 80+ Kg Mako on one of his luers.Note plenty of Yellow Tail Kings to 15 kg. also were tabled today.One fisho had 7 Kings to 15 kg and others good catches were tabled out of several boats.

They let all the good ones go.



Some of todays  

7/2/09.Saturday.Blue Fin Tuna.We found the S.B.Tuna today after a fuew trips to locate them from reports.We hooked into 8 Tuna and released most while a fuew bigger ones released themselves after 50 minutes in the rod holder under  a fair drag.the larger ones unloaded 1/2 of the 50W reels.Two which were released were in the mid 40 kg range.Several acers were feeding on bait and could be viewed jumping and busting the water with some big bust ups amongst them and this went on for Hours.The 2 Tuna in the pictures were the  first 2 Tuna and weighed just over 26 kg.

You can Sorce the Area location from Portland Bait and Tackle.

26+kg S.B.Tuna.

5/2/09.Yellow Tail.Consistant catches of King fish to 14+ kg. continue today as displayed by one of the fishing parties in the photo below.Johno and Joe also lost another big King beside the boat.Note these Kings today were caught in only 4 meters of water. Source the bait,location and techniques from Portland Bait and Tackle by phone or in person when you arrive.

Up to14+kg. Kings from 4 meter water.

4/2/09.Yellow Tail.Johno Johnstone and Peter Sealey  were one of the crews that caught Kings at Snapper Point this arvo.Johno also lost one beside the boat also.

1/2/09.Yellow Tail.

Danny Morgan and Suzanne Francis

show some nice Kings they caught today at Snapper Point and also had some release themselves.

31/1/09.Yellow Tail.Some 9 kg Kings were bought in today.One Mako Shark was also weighed in at 175 kg.

29/1/09.Yellow Tail.This 14 kg King was the biggest we seen today.One of the Mako's was also weighed in at 103 kg.

14 kg King from Snapper Point today. 

28/1/09.Yellow Tail.More Kings today.Some were released,some released themselves and they kept 3  of them.They had to watch the schools of Kings around the boat for a while before they hooked up this afternoon.

27/1/09.Yellow Tail. Bruce McPherson and Brett Jennings kept 6 Kings out of there 21 Kings they hooked up over 2.5 hrs and released  the rest over at Snapper point this afternoon;Others had sucess also in the same area;This water is 7 meters deep and you can see the schools in the calm water.By Dark there was another 30 kings or more on the cleaning tables from some of the other boats.In some of the schools there was some big Hoodlems amongst them.

Some of the 21 Kings from today

24/1/09.Yellow Tail.Saturday groups of 5,3,2&1 up to 12kg. came in not counting the ones that released themselves.Some  Makos in the 50,72 kg. and larger also were 




23/1/09.Yellow Tail.Contry to some local fishing reports which are based on their own catches there is plenty

of Yellow Tail Kings to 11 kg.being caught consistently by some who have a god teneque such as Scott Grey who released some of his 11 fish during the week.Bernie Collins &Ned Brown also had no conplaints with their 1st Kings.Plenty of bottom fish,gummie sharks ,some90kg Mako's,good catches of 1 kg snapper,plenty of whiting to name a fuew and some big surprizes not far away as you will hear about.For up to date information check;


19/1/09.Some more Kings to 14.7 kg.


18/1/09.P.B.& Tackle Fishing comp;More of the catches.Blue Queen morwong Kevin McNabb;Kevin Johnson 97 kg Mako Shark ;Plenty of whiting to .9+ kg.More Kings to 11 kg.

 97 Kg Mako;5Kg Queen Morwong ;And .9 kg Whiting.



17/1/09.P.Bait & Tackle fishing comp;Plenty of King fish to 13 kg. mark today from numerous fiishing parties.

Some of Todays 40 odd King fish.Danny Santangelos crew with 6 out of their 11 hook ups.


16/1/09.One of the Kings;Frank Aquaro nailed today at Snapper Point.


13/1/09.Some good 7 yellowtail kings were caught by Scott Grey?s crew from Portfairy at Snapper Point and the biggest weighed in at 14.7 kg.Last year Scott showed us one he caught at 18 kg in the same area.So if the 11 kg ones caught this week it shood be a good several weeks or more fishing on these line  wrenching sport fish in the Snapper Point area.This area is only 6 meters deep and you can usually see the kings on a good calm day and is only 2 kl. Off shore...

Scott Grey's 14.7 kg King.


11/1/09.Yellowtail Kings. Trevor McKie caught 11.5Kg.

King at Snapper Point tonight anchored up with squid bait.Ray Pyrer caught a10 kg snapper in the harbour on Saturday and several 2 kg ones were also caught off the Lee breakwater.Some makos are still being caught,released and some are releasie themselves by several fishermen.



8/1/09.Recent Mako Shark Photos.

These Mako sequence photos were taken on Saturday 3/1/09.

the Mako of 2.5 meters long is before Hooked and then into one of several jumps and then was released.This was one of 3 Makos hooked

and released this morning.


Shot 1&2

Shot 3 & 4.

Shot 5 & 6.

Note End of 70 cm. long wire Leader before the Mono Leader.


5/1/09.Tim Clarks crew released 2 large  Makos and 1big Blue shark;We released one Big Mako and a big Blue shark also in the same area.


4/1/09. Steve Atcherson released one large Mako today.Lockie Wombwell and David Lane released one and weighed one at 97 kg.Alot of Blue Queen Morwong to 5 kg are coming in the catches of normal Morwong,flathad,Gummie Sharks and numerous other bottom table fish in the 60 meter water off Cape Nelson.There is a lot of Big Couta also in this area.


3/1/09.Mako Sharks;Marty Montanlo had a Mako and lost it at the gaff shot;Steve Atchison suffered the same fate;Bruce McPersons crew kept one Mako of 60 kg ,released a much bigger one,had a 150kg Blue shark also released,6kg Blue Queen Morwong with plenty of normal Morwong;We caught 2 Makos to 170 kg or 2.3 metrs+ long which were released;Also being caught are large flathead,gummie sharks, in the 60 meter water and heeps of  table fish  to name some are cmming in.This is only some of todays catches.

Some of todays  released Mako's.




The damage their teeth can inflict on the boat or your leg.


27/12/08.Yellowtail Kings to 11.5kg.some Yellowtail Kings were caught today to 11.5Kg.Yesterday several 7 kg king fish also were caught.We caught  and released several Makos to 2 meters long today.Plenty of 60 meter water table fish are also being caught.One 80 kg Thresher Shark was also weighed in to name a fuew.Some of the Mako photos below.

Dave Millers 11.75 kg. King./The Soundings from the Mako water.


24/12/08.Mulloway to 15.75 kg.Andrew Ryan caught this Mulloway today over the norh shore while fishing for Snapper.Plenty of 60 meter table fish such as big flathead,Gummie Sharks,Snapper and some Mako Sharks are a fuew of what is being caught at present.


23/12/08.Thresher Sharks;Yes still the odd 80kg Thresher is being caught this week.One good Mako came in today also.  Recently most who fished for these Sharks ; 90% of the Catches were released and also 90% were hooked in the mouth .All of the sharks I know of were still in good condition when released.




Numerous good sized thresher shark caught.


Tim Clark & Tony Busher started this thresher shark fishing epic, so Chris Hall & myself decided to get some photos and that?s were it kinda got out of control.


The first thresher shark was in the range of 60-80kg, caught on lures whilst trawling, but this method wasn?t a good way of releasing the shark. 


We changed to baits on the drift and had sharks launching themselves everywhere, this was more sporting and the shark were easier to release.  We hooked eight or more threshers with two or more in the 90kg range.


Tim Clark?s crew had probably just as many and eight other boats nearby were hooked up as well.  Most of the sharks were released except for the odd spent one.  


Our sharks were caught in 6-12 metre water, on 24kg gear and a Wilson rod was ?smashed? with one catch; Note nothing wrong with these rods as it was the heavy handing we were putting them through when relessing the Sharks beside the boat on 18 kg+ drag and the rod was in the rod holder and had small leaders that did the damage. We left the boat ramp at 9.30am and returned back at 2pm.


Presently, Geelong?s Geoff Wilson, Bill Athanasslies & Mick

Kollaris are here filming and have visited at the perfect time with these thresher shark catches.


Recently most thresher shark are in the range of 60-90-kg with the odd ones going over 100kg.


Written by: Bob McPherson.

 Reel shows how much line you loose on a medium sized Shark.




Fishing Update      7/12/08.

Trawled Thresher Sharks continue;Alot are being released .Julian Dickerson and crew released 4 today.GordonSharam and Gordon Cook had 5 on,;2 were spent so one weighed 98 kg,other was 60 kg.Tris mibis caught hers on 15 kg line.Most  of the bigger ones above 80 kg are taking 1 to  1.5 hrs to catch on 24 kg gear.This is just a sample of what has been gong on for the last Month."Spent" means the Shark is too exhausted to be released and would not survive so it is used as flake by the fisho's. Most who fish for this Species today all had multiple hook ups on  Lures trawling B.McP.

98 kg. Thresher Shark.Rodney Sharam and Gordon Cook.

Tris Mibis with her Thresher Shark.


Fishing Update     30/11/08.

Cameron Order with one 82 kg. of 5 Thresher Sharks they caught today,most were released.Bruce McPherson kept one of two also of 60 kg range.All these were caught on the Troll with Lures.




FISHING UPDATE  - Portland -  26/11/2008


This week numerous snapper in the range of  3kg - 8.5kg have been caught from the Lee Breakwater by quite a few lucky fishermen.

One gummy shark weighing 17kg and plenty of calamarie squid have been caught from the same location.

Thresher sharks to 60kg and larger, are still being hooked by boat anglers fishing for snapper and good size trevally of 1.5kg are coming from the marina jetty.




Some fishermen are catching snapper in the 3 - 9kg range from the Lee Breakwater.


The odd small yellowtail are being caught and good sized trevally to 1.5kg are being caught from the Marina.


Bruce McPherson, Tim Clark & Shane Cromie were just a few of the many fishermen that hooked / tangled with the ?jumping? sport fish known as thresher shark, weighing up to 60kg whilst fishing for snapper.

Shane Cromie with one of two Thrasher Sharks he hocked on Lures. 

It?s a good idea to enjoy your sport fishing, release any unwanted shark/?s and take your photos.