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Past Report 2013   Print 

30/12/13.Some nice catches of Whiting,Squid,Sweap,Snook,Odd Gummie Shark,School Shark,Snapper even a 5.4 kg. one from the Lee Breakwater,Large Flathead,Morwong, odd Tassie Trumpter with alot of Blue Eye from the 460 meter water and Makos in the 50/110 kg.

Steve Atco with his Trumpter,big Flaties and released a Mako over the 100 kg. today.

James Caruso with his Mako &Steve Puopolo with his Mako today.


22/12/13.Some have had good catches of Morwong,Queen Morwong,Snapper also pink Snapper,Flathead,Gumies,School Shark with even Makos over 200 kg. in the 70/100 meter water.Others over the North Shore have Snapper,Sharks,Whiting,Squid and Yes The "King Fish" have been seen over there in 1 meter of water and also other locations.

Some of the Whiting we caught at Lorance Rock's this Morning.

15/12/13. The Shelf ;has produced well this weekend for table fish.Plenty of Blue Eye,Grandeur etc;Darryl Watts,George ,Steve& Jimmie caught there Bag Saturday and Sunday.Others caught Good feeds of Whiting."Blue Eye"  costs more than Crayfish per Kg. at the Market  at the moment.The Tides wern't good for some fishing this Weekend!.

Some of Georges catch from the 460 meter water.


5/12/13.Gummie Shark; this morning Tim Alber caught a 25 kg. Gummie Shark as part of his catch from the Lee Breakwater; this Shark is at $30 a Kg. at the Market.Yesterday they caught a 25 kg. School Shark from same Location.

Tim Albert with his 25 kg.Gummie Shark this morning.


2/12/13.Snapper; at 6.5 kg. today off the Lee Breakwater land base by Terry Albert again at 9 am.Plenty of other smaller Snapper,Gummies,odd School Sharks in this area to 27 kg. with a mix of Squid,Whiting,Couta and Samon from this fishing platform at 6 meters from your car conforts.

Terry Albert with his 6.5 kg.Snapper today.


29/11/13.Snapper; yes 3.30p.m. todayJason Powell caught a 10 kg. Trophy Snapper from the Lee Breakwater midway out on a 4kg. Whiting rod for some sport!! There has been other small ones to 4 kg. Gumie sharks,School Sharks, 7 Gill Sharks with the odd Thrasher Shark having a play also,Squid,Whiting  odd Mulloway and the list goes on.Not bad for Land base fishing.

Jason Powell with his 10 kg. Snapper today which took Apox. 20 minutes to Angle on his Whiting rod,Jason does not have a car or boat so walked to the Lee cauught the Snapper and walked home!!


8/11/13.Plenty of "Big" Snapper; the Big Snapper to 10.5 Kg. continue this morning and  8 of i seen;If you would like to fish one of the few deep sea  fishing Platforms in Australia were you can catch a 9/10+ kg. Prize Snapper or a feed of Squid or  even play a Thrasher Shark from Land Base The Lee Breakwater is one of those spots.

Allan McKenzie,Jamie Mathys and Terry Alberts and  the biggest being 10.5 kg.


23/10/13.More big Snapper;this morning several Snapper to 3/4 kg. and one so far of Jason Murreys of 9.5 kg. with some good Whiting also.

Jason Murrey with his 7.5 kg. Snapper this Morning.


22/10/13. "3" More 9.5 kg.Snapper caught this moring so far from the the Lee Breakwater.


21/10/13.Some good Snapper from the Lee Breakwater in the last few weeks with some this morning at 9.5 kg.,8 kg., 3.5 kg. to name some with good catches of Cal. Squid  odd Gummies and spasems of Whiting.

Terry Alberts caught his 2nd. big Snapper today also at 6.30 P.M. at 9.6 kg.


Allan McKenzie also had another Snapper this arvo to join the one in the morning.

Alan McKenzies 9.5 kg. Snapper this Morning.

Terry Alberts 8 kg.Snapper this Morning.



16/9/13.Plenty of Snapper from the Lee Breakwater up to the 7kg. mark with good catches of Calamarie Squid over the 1 kg. mark also.The boats in the 70 meter water have Gummies,School Shark,Morwong,Snapper and all the other table fish.The boys doing the 465 meter water are baging out on Blue Eye etc.

Tom Evans with a Snapper off the Lee SATURDAY MORNING NEAR 6KG.

3/9/13.Snapper are some what early this year from the Lee Breakwater up to 7 kg.Rod Lawn of Adamas Charters had a good catch from the Deeper water wit Gumies.Knife Jaw,Snapper,Tassie Trumpter etc.

Robert Miller,Moll Taylor & Derrick Rodgers with some of there catch today.


16/8/13.We had Dennis Napthine in Portland today with some more anouncements for Portland.He checked out Johnie Hunters Tuna boat that he lent us 2 years ago and of course it has alot more "Dings now".


Premier Dennis Nathleen and Mayor Keren Stephens in Johnie Hunters boat.


26/7/13.Some of the boats fishing the deeper "150 meter" water have had good catches of Tassie Trumpter,Snapper to 3 kg.,Knife Jaw,Gummies,School Shark and other table fish in recent weeks.There is small schools of Tuna also in close here and Port Mac.


Rod Lawn of Adamas Charters with some of his Tassie Trumpter today.


25/6/13.Samson Fish; Well another 25 kg. one surposed came in yesterday."Geoff Wilson"is quite sure from all the photos that these local fish are "Samson Fish".

24/6/13.There has been good catches of large School Shark and Gummie Shark over 20 kg. in recent weeks with good Snapper,Morwong,Queen Morwong and all the other goodies and even today a 21 kg.Samson Fish cleaned and gilled off Bridgewater in the n100 meter water and last week the one of over 28 kg. on the S.Aus. Border.After some pondering we have a strong Suspision that these "Samson fish" from this area and Port Mac could end up being "Amberjack".

Brent Griff and Rob Hanson with todays Samson fish at 21 kg.cleaned and Gilled.

Amberjack is the top photo.




This is another "Sambo" from Port Mac which is really a "Amberjack"; Sambos have a Spine rake where the red arrow is.


23/6/13.Yes more "Barrels"today.Plenty of small Tuna for some in close and for Richie Ablea and crew 2 hits at Barrels yesterday and 2 again today with one staying for the Gaff shot.Richies Tuna went 98+ Kg. on a JB. Lure and the lost one was a X Rap.These Tuna are all in 40 meter water on the Full Moon.Still good catches of School Sharks also.

Richie Abela,Samie Saneqa & Ray Spiteri with there 98+kg.Tuna out the 40 meter water.

The J.B. Lure that caught this Tuna.



20/6/13.Yes another "Barrel" today again.One lucky 4.85 meter alloy boat going for a Flathead trip in 45 meters of water in front of Cape Nelson Lighthouse put two small Skirt Lures in amongst diving birds and heeps of Dolphins and a 85+Kg. Tuna was the result on a 50 W. 45 meters deep is about 400 meters off the Cliffs at Cape Nelson.Rodney Lawn of "Adamas Charters"& crew had a Good catch of 22+kg.School Shark ,Morwong and other goodies.There has been plenty of School Shark and Gummies over 20 kg. with Snapper,Morwong and plenty of other table fish all this week from the 50/60/70 meter water.

Ashley Matters and Con Driscoll with there 85+Kg. Tuna out of 45 meter water today.

The Lure that caught this Tuna.

"Adamas Charters" with some of there catch.


19/6/13.Yes another "Barrel" today.One boat at 9.30 am. in 45 meter water East of Lorance Rocks caught a 109.6 kg. Tuna on a Purple X Rap.Senad seen birds diving on bait with Dolphins and all the other birds; put two X Raps in as they aproached and  one went off with his 50W.45 meters is aprox. 2/3 klom. bewind the Rocks and not far from where the last Barrels were caught.The Moon is about 60% now so we should see a few more over the next week or so.

Armen Molla,Senad Cobovic and Berkim Boykovic with there 109.6 kg. Tuna out of 45 meter water today.

Armen with todays 109.6 kg. Tuna.

The purple  X Rap.

The Tuna  lost most bait in the fight;The contents were Pilchards and small Couta.



11/6/13.The Unusual;today at Port Mac a "Wahoo"  of 7 kg. in 50 meter water caught by Michael Irvin.The 1st. Dolphin Fish in 2006 were a surprize also so what is next.This Wahoo was weiged by Gary Causon at Port Mac at 7 kg.


The Wahoo of today.


9/6/13.Another 2 "Barrels" hooked up in 30 meter water today.Still small Tuna comming in today ."Tuna Taker" Craigs boat at 1 pm on the tide change hooked two Barrels at the same time landed one of 118.4 kg. and lost the other 2nd. one at the Gaff and the 2 nd. one was quite a bit bigger and longer.They were caught on a J.B. Lure as in photo and  the other on a "X Rap" red bait. Julia Percy Island is 20 miles from the Harbour; half way  at 10 mile is Julia Reef on your Plotter and where the water drops to 30/40 meter water is where these two Barrels were hoooked!Pud & Graig Trewin with Ray Straton are from Drysdale and have fished here at Portland as long as i can remember with "ANSA".This Tuna had a few Pilchards  still in the Gut but most were thrown up in the battle.We fished this area the last two days and there is alot of "WEED " in this area when fishing on the move.These Tuna were caught 10 mile East of the Harbour!.

Pud Trewin,Ray Straton and Craig Trewin with there 118.4 kg.Tuna out of the 30 meter water.

View of the JB Lure.

Ray and Skiner just before the weighing.



5/6/13.Another "Barrel" again today.Simon
Renaldie of "Redhot Charters" caught another  Barrel of 107.5 kg. for his custormers today.Others caught Tuna also yesterday and today of normal size as did Port  Mac with the odd 40+ kg. Tuna also Yesterday with there Barrel;Today Port Mac has a 104 kg. Barrel caught also photos have not been posted yet ;these large Tuna are all in the 40/50 meter water.

Simon and crew with the 107.5 kg.Tuna today;DANIEL FAVARO THE LUCKY ANGLER.TUNA WAS CAUGHT ON A 30W Reel.

The Ricter lure;The Pilchards,Squid and large Couta in the Gut.


4/6/13.Port Mac. has had some good action the last couple of days in close  in the 40 meter water some of the large tuna lost yet a couple caught one of 44 kg. on one of the chater boats and Tony Bell today with a 104 kg. one.Portland and Port Mac have plenty of bait ,small Tuna and odd "Barrels in the 40/50 meter water.

Tony Bells 104 kg.Tuna  in 40 meter water today at Port Mac.


1/6/13.Another "Barrel" again today;Still plenty of Tuna in close in the 40 meter water but today they did not fire as well. Matt"Cini" of Reeltime Charters caught a 91kg. Tuna full of Pilchards on a X Rap color LLU;This Barrel and another were caught between Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater in Close !! like 20/30 meters.The other Barrel was on for 2 hrs on a big Skirt and ended up in 10 meter water  when they lost it; Up 3 times for the Gaff shot.

Matt Cini of Reeltime Charters and crew with there 91 kg.Tuna today. 

The Pilchards and  the Lure.



31/5/13.Another "Barrel" again today;Still plenty of Tuna   today.Simon Renaldie of Redhot charters lost a "Barrel" a fuew days ago this week and landed one of 105 kg. today both out of the 40/70 meter water.He had it on for 3 hrs. on a 50w and was caught on a Black magic "Magot" purple color.Port Mac has had 2 Barrel this week also in the 40/50 meter water 1 at 71 kg. and 1 at 109 kg.

Simon of "Redhot Charters" and crew with there 105 kg. S.B.Tuna out of the 40 meter water.

The Black Magic Magot  lure.



Max Barrets 109 kg. Tuna caught at Port Mac in 40 meter water yesterday.


28/5/13. Another "Barrel today";Plenty of Tuna still from the boats on Tuna.Today Craig Spicer hooked a "Barrel" in the 40 meter water amongst Dolphins at about 3.30 P.M. for 3 hrs on a 50 W.With some help from one of the Charter Boats "M.Hunts" he ended up with the Tuna touching on 100 kg mark.There was another  "Barrel" hooked a couple of days ago in the same area by another Charter boat.Today another "Barrel" of 76+Kg was caught at Port MacDonnel in the 40 meter water.Barrel Buster had a 2.76 meter male Blue Shark of 150 kg. in there catch.There was also some good School Sharks  came in also.


Todays 100Kg. Tuna of Craig Spicer out of the 40 meter water.

The Pink "Hollow Point" Lure.

Craig Spicer and his 100 kg. Tuna today out of the 40 meter water near the Lighthouse.

The 76+kg.Tuna caught at Port Mac today.Note the  reel that did a good job in the 40 meter water.



25/5/13.Note there is a new live camera on the "Fish cleaning table" link here ; The boats which had the most in there catch and were in by 2 P.M. caught there Tuna in 40/50 meter water between Cape Grant and Cape Nelson one also caught his in the 30 meter water.

Tuna from last weekend.


24/5/13.Note there is a new live camera on the "Fish cleaning table" link here Still plenty  of Tuna,some Albies and Striped Tuna coming in here with most from just over the Shelf and a bit East of the Horse Shoe area.

One of our Tuna last weekend.


22/5/13.Some info on large Tuna Tags off the bottom of Tassie;I was talking to Kevin Agius tonight and they have "Tagged" one Barrel that has survived so far at Eaglehawk and Sam Musket has also "Tagged" one also that has survived.The third one below may be in queston as the seals got at it.The two that have survived will be wrote up in the Magazines soon with all the photos etc.

Hi Bob,

Hope all is well. Just thought this may be of interest. Just got back once again from Eaglehawk Neck in Tasmania chasing Jumbo’s. Fishing with Saun Tracey from IMAS(Institute for Marine & Antarctic Studies) we managed to get Satellite Tags in 3 Southern Bluefin Tuna the biggest being this fish estimated at 110Kg. Should be very interesting once we get the results. Saun is keen to get back up to Portland so it would be great if you could pop me an email if a consistent amount of fish around 20kg or over appear there again in good numbers. He still has quite a few Sat tags to deploy.


Darren Buttigieg.


19/5/13.Both Tuna Bins were  full of frames today.Alot of the Tuna are still in the same areas as yesterday with alot of small ones at 10/14 kg.

One of the Tuna we caught with Uncle Joe today.


One of the Jumping Tuna today.

Greenie crews catch.

18/5/13.Plenty of boats here today with most having good catches of Tuna with some  Albies also.Most of the Tuna are in the 40/70/120/400 meter water and onward.

I went out in the "33 Grady White" of Uncle Joe's with Ando and Glen  and found any amount of Tuna in the 400 meter water and released some but only one Albie in our catch.

Uncle Joe and Ando with some of the catch.


Glen and Uncle Joe with some of the Tuna today.


17/5/13.Police warning;Anybody riding in boats after boat ramp area will be fined $282.The signs are up now so don't give any of your money away.


13/5/13.Any amount of Tuna has been caught since mid last week in40/70/110 meter water off Brigewater and near the Marine Park area.Alot of the Tuna are small  as 4 kg. yet up to 14 kg. and onward.Most of the Charter Boats are back in well before noon with there catch.


9/5/13.Another Barrel today;Still plenty of Tuna,Albies and Striped Tuna.Today the 114+Kg. Barrel was hooked up at 9.15 am. for just under 3 hrs on a 15 kg. Reel and caught on a "Black Bart" Luer.This is the 10 th.Breeding Tuna taken out of here in the last 6 weeks and the 140 kg. one is the biggest caught this year anywhere  so far. Todays Tuna was caught just before the 2000 meter water.

Justin Brown,Rick Ziarkowski and John Bennett with ther over 114 kg. Tuna caught on 15 kg. line for nilly 3 hrs.

Not much in the Gut of this Tuna,perhaps to early in the morning.

Shows the blue colored Lure.


7/5/13.Today one aprox 5.6 meter Aloy boat was sunk in 400 meter water at the Horse Shoe.The boat was taken water and fired a Flair off and Simon Renaldie  of Redhot Charters picked the 4 blokes up just in time and ferried them back to the Harbour.These blokes lost there Boat,Rods,Keys to there car etc .Simon had 4 Tuna by this time and finished his Charter by 12.30 pm.Another boat Yesterday took a "Green" wave which took his wind screen out and damaged his Hard top roof and this was only in 110 meter water.

Simon and his custormers with some of the catch after rescueing the other boat.

This is the aledge floating boat.

Yesterdays 6 meter Reef runner Screen damage.



5/5/13.Plenty of Tuna,Albies and Striped Tuna yesterday.Today the bins were overflowing with frames; Literally Tonns of Tuna, Albies up to 27 kg. and plenty of Striped Tuna.Two Thirds of all the baged out catches were Albies and alot were over the 20+ kg. mark. We fished with John Haber,Dave Camilleri and Daniel Cumri and alot of Albies came off as they have soft mouths yet it was not hard to bag out today.The Tuna are in the 1000 meter water near the Horse Shoe area.


John Haber with one of todays Albies. 

Dave Camilleri with more of the catch.

Tuna of today


 1/5/13.Most boats turned back today as the winds was alot stronger than forcast.

A couple of the Bigger boys coming back today.

They also come through the Passage.


Scott Niels 160 kg.Atlantic Thrasher today.

30/4/13.Plenty of boats out today and plenty of Tuna,Albies and Striped Tuna.Most came from the Shelf area.

Ben Hickox with a sample of todays Tuna on Sharkmen Charters.

The Skates at the cleaning tables today.


28/4/13.With wild weather boats have still caught there Tuna and plenty of Albies.Some Tuna came from the 60/120 meter water yet most from the Shelf.With the Full Moon out the Berrels should  still be in the bite zone for about another 7/9  days as has been the case for the last 7 years.There is plenty of small Albies or "Jellie Beans" being caught and jumping.Plenty of Big Berrels have been caught in close at Eagle Hawk Tasmania in the last two days.There has been up to 9 large "Breeding" Tuna weighing up to nilly 140 kg. caught here in the last 3 weeks contry to some of the reporting opions .Most of the Barrel Tuna seem to hang on the cold  edges of the warm water called "Stairs or Curtins" and rise near the top surface on the Ebb of the tides.

This is a recent Boyweather Temp.Map of the Horse Shoe area.


24/4/13.The Charter boats did well again.Off the Hook Charters had a nice 125 kg. Barrel today on a "80".Caught on a Black Bart Leur.

Joe Branca,David Hall and his father Peter with there 125 kg. Barrel from todays Charter.They traveled all the way from Harietville.

David Halls 125 kg. Tuna today.


 Some of the catch of Matt Hunt Charters today


23/4/13.Most boats including the Charter boats had Tuna and plenty of Albacore today in the Horse Shoe area and were back before 2 P.M.

We have puled this 12" Nightmare Squid with only one hit recently.

This 9" Pakula has   plenty of hits in recent weeks.


20/4/13.Today we took JamesThackrey and his friend Daren Peak and Bruce Wallace.We seen plenty of small Tuna Jumping and the "80" kicked into gear with a "Barrel" on one  large Marlin Luers which destroyed our day on the one Tuna as we came in at 7.30 pm at the boat ramp.So the "Barrels" are in the 1000 meter water.

James with todays  Tuna .


just pulled on bord.

The  11"Conehead longnose Bullet.)


One shot of todays Tuna

Another shot of todays Tuna .


Some more photos of today.



18/4/13.The 3 Charter boats out today all had there catches and were in early.

Gus Scalzo with one of todays Tuna well over the 30 kg. range on "Sharkmen Charters".

Another Tuna from yesterday with a large 9" Pakula Luer.

Another Tuna from Yesterday;River to sea luer. 



17/4/13.Plenty of Tuna and Albies today from most of the boats fishing.Most were caught in 400/700/1000 meter and beyond yet there is some in the 110/140 meter water also.

John Haber and Dave Camilleri with our catch today,Tuna and Albies.

One of todays Tuna.

Some of the Sauries jumping today.

One of the Tuna today.




16/4/13.Plenty of Tuna caught here today mainly 400/700 meter water.Some had Albies also.

John Haber and Dave Camilleri with a couple of todays Tuna we caught.

Some of the busting Tuna today.

More of todays Tuna.

One of todays Tuna.

One of Todays.





15/4/13.Still plenty of Tuna today from all boats.

This 5.8 Million $ Tuna boat was parked here at the New Marina today and caught Tuna here yesterday.

One of the Charter boat "REDHOT" with there catch today.



14/4/13.Plenty of Tuna with a mix of Albies up to 20+ kg.The Charter boats did well today.

"Green machine" and his sister inlaw Charelle;Lukie cleaned all the  catch.

Some of our Tuna today.

Another of todays Tuna.Some were released.

Another of todays Tuna.

This Luer worked well today.

Another of todays.


12/4/13.All the Charterboats did well today on Tuna and Albies yet 1 Barrel of 140 kg was caught also by

Warren Micallet and crew.This Barrel was caught in 1500 meter water amongst the "Jelly Beans" at the Horse Shoe.Caught on a Gold 80 for over 1.5 hrs.It  also came up Tailwraped the last 10 minutes.

Andrew Saliba,Angelo Micallet and Warren Micallet with there 140 kg.Tuna today.

Warren ,note the Luer this Tuna was caught on.

This Tuna was hooked where the hook is in the photo.Just above the eye with 1 hook.

Note the stomach content;Squid and large Horse




11/4/13.Boat Ramp Camera is working this morning!!!

10/4/13.Plenty of Tuna and Albies caught here again today.Reeltime Charter was one of the 1st Charter boats today to take the Tassie Scientist to Sat. tag some B.F.Tuna.They also had some good size Albies.

Alex and Matt off Reeltime Charters with a couple of there Albies.

Another groups Tuna.

Zoe Stanford with part of there catch today.



9/4/13.Plenty of Tuna and Albies again today.

Mossyf and Nick Kalkbenner with there Tuna from Tuesday.

Mick Allan and Chris some of the Tuna.

8/4/13.Tuna and Albies again today some Tuna came out of the 110 meter water.

This picture shows Portlands Shelf conpared to other locations.

7/4/13.Plenty of Traffic today again with plenty of Tuna and Albies by noon.Andrew and Ben Donegan were happy with there 80 kg. Tuna in there catch.

Ben and Andrew with todays 80 kg. Tuna. 


6/4/13.Aprox. 350+ boat trailers here today on the Tuna and 1.5 hr. wait each way on the Trailer.Plenty of Tuna and heeps of Albies to 20 kg.Jason Vyverberg and mates had a Barrel of 95 kg. and also released one the same size.There was mention of others but not seen.Jack  Hose and myself found anyamount of Albies and seen plenty of Tuna out wide today.

Jason Vyverbergs 95 kg. Tuna today.

One of todays Albies.

This Luer worked well for us today.


5/4/13.Plenty of Tuna and Albies today with some being caught in the 120 meter water with most Albies in 700+ Meter water.Jack Hose,Daniel  and i caught more Albies to 20 kg. than we needed.Some fisho's lost some line for up 1/2/3 hrs!!

Simon and Kevin Agius  had two of these thumpers on and plenty of nornal size one as well as releasing several also. Most can Guess the weight.

Another shot of Kevins catch.

Jack with the Albies  today.


4/4/13.Plenty of Tuna to 37 kg. and Albies to 18 kg. today.Some of the catches came from 80/120/200+ and all over the place with most releasing Tuna in there catches.

Jack Oliver and his mate with some of there Tuna.

One Tuna in the picture from Seaspray Charters weighed 37kg.


3/4/13.Winners are Grinners;We just weighed this baby at just before 8 pm.Yes a lovely 131 kg.On a 50 W for over 3.5 hrs on about 14 drag!! in 700 meter water.On another Ricter Leur .

Alex Saisanas,Alex Matic and Maro Quadara.131 kg.S.B.Tuna.

Winners are Grinners.

Ricter soft head.Whats left of it.


3/4/13.Tuna and Albies today.Note these Albies between 30/40 kg.Portland area is one of few places in the World where these large Albies are caught. 


Daniel Bulkin on"Sharkman Charters"with 4 Albies in there catch up to the 30 kg. mark.

Another Charter catch.


2/4/13.Still plenty of Tuna from the Charter boats and Private Fisho's from the 70/150/200+meter water again today.

One of the local Tourist Fishermen probably after Whiting. 


1/4/13.Still plenty of Tuna from the Charter boats and Private Fisho's from the 150/200+ water today and yesterday.

30/3/13.Not very good weather today yet most had Tuna in there catch.Some Tuna were caught in 70/130 , 200+ meter waters.Sunday and Mondays weather may be better.

Matt Williams and Matt Sqires with there todays Tuna.


29/3/13.As we all have an intrest in Broadbill or Swords that are in our waters and as yet have not been poineered here.Chris Firkin of "Black Magic" tackle in NewZealand and his mate Mark in the last 3 years have had a very successful tenique and lead the way over there.Chris has fished here with us over several years and claims they could be caught here if you applied the same tenique in daylight.He has sent some of ther last weeks photos to share with you.They have caught 7 so far this year 2 this week up to over 309 kg.Nilly 4 hrs on 37 kg. gear set to "Sunset" drag or 19 kg.Chris said most Fisherman as usual won't the Area.Timing and Hows with out doing the hard time on the water yet it is quite easy once you apply a proven system to them.He said if  he finds some time he may come over here and have a go in the Canyons we showed him.

Mark  with the 309+Kg.Sword this week.

Shows the size of the tail nob.

Showing the daytime action.



29/3/13.Plenty of Tuna today from the all boats some over the Shelf yet we caught ours in 90/100 meter water.

Dave Camilleri and Joe Borg today in 100 meter water. 

Joe Borg with todays Tuna near the 30 kg. mark


28/3/13.Today these 4 Containers had washed into Bridgeater bay;Wonder what would be in them!!!

These 4 Containers would have falen off a passing Ship.

26/3/13.Most of the boats on Tuna today had there catch.Sharkman Charters had Tuna to the 30 kg. mark.

The "Tsutomu Lure" from yesterdays catch from Big Game Tackle boys.


25/3/13.Still Tuna comming in with most boats today on them with good catches.Sharkman Charters had his catch,Seaspray Charters also with his catch of Tuna and some private boats also.Some good catches of bottom table fish and Whiting were also on the cleaning tables.

David Muirs crews catch today.

Some of Seaspray Charters catch today.


20/3/13.Boats back in early again today with good catches of Tuna.Redhot charters had the 1st Barrel we have seen this Year in his catch today of 84 kg. bled.The large Tuna was full of large Torpedo Squid.

Dave Conway,Lockie Carew "11Years" Allan Carew,   steve Carew and Simon Renaldi with there 84 kg. Tuna today.

Simon with the other part of his catch.

This was the gut content;Squid & Hokey.

This Tuna was in 1000m water ,over 2 hrs on the rod and took a "Ricter soft Blue skirt."




19/3/13.Still Tuna and Albies comming in from some of the boats with some Albies pushing near the 30 kg. mark.With the amount of Albies and small ones you should see a "Barrel" soon.

Some of Tony Hale and mates Simon,Jeffs Albies from Tuesday.They also had a Tuna catch.


16/3/13.We fished in close for a short trip today and in the 90 meter water grabed 3 good size S.B.Tuna and some couta were with them.

One of todays 90 meter water Tuna.

Todays Tuna.


11/3/13.Still plenty of Tuna to 30kgt. comming in  with a odd ones in close as 25/50 meters and most from 400,700,1400 to 2000 meter water.Some mako's of 85,70 kg. and a couple of small ones also.Plenty of table fish still being cught also.

Some of the Tuna on Monday.

This was one of the Tuna  released on Monday.

This was one of our Tuna  taken Monday.

One of the Mako's from this weekend.

9/3/13.Plenty of Tuna caught all over the place today by some deep and shellow.A couple of small Albies also were caught.Were there is small Albies and  44 kg. Tuna there will be Barrels in the area.

Armen Molla shows one of his 43 Kg.Tuna caught today.

8/3/13.This map was sent to us from Buoyweather/ Fistrack in Calafornia that watch our area.Some may find it helpful to read Temp maps.

Yes, there are some very interesting looking areas in front of Portland/Port Fairy at the moment judging by the Satellite shot that came through yesterday. I place three waypoint markers over the areas I found interesting- "dips" or "stairs" where clean water from the outside is pushing a little closer to shore than in other areas………I don't know if you're seeing bluefin in these pockets, but they look quite fishy to me.


Will James
The Temp map off Fishtrack.

7/3/13.Alot of deep water table fish today with  Blue Eye the biggest catch.These fish can bring over $70 a kg. at market.One big Bronze Shark over 100+ kg was also in ones catch.Most of the other goodies are all still on offer such as Tuna etc.


Pete Johnson with one of his Blue Eye today.

The Boat ramp today.




6/3/13.Some Tuna from the 50 meter water for some yet the bigger catches came from over the Shelf.Reel Time Charters one of the boats had over a dozen Tuna with most been released.Most boats on Blue Eye were all baged out today.Good catches of Whiting,Snapper,Flathead,Gummie Shark,Salmon etc.

One boat had his Tuna catch at the Horse Shoe so the Tuna are all over the place.

Jack Oliver and Matt Harris caught these Tuna today in there 4 meter  "Tini" in 25 meter water becide the anchored Ships about 3 klom. East of the Harbour.

Where the Tuna were caught.

Matt Cini 11 year old son Marlon with his Tuna today.



"Portland" some of the roughest seas in the world;

Aleks and Marlon today;Reel Time Charters.


Johno with his 110 meter Tassie Trumpter.



3/3/13.Yesterday Port MacDonnel Charter boat Clinton Wilson baged out on 30 kg.Tuna in the 160 meter water on the South Aus. border line.He put the other Port Mac boats on to them today including some Portland boats.Redhot charters was one of the boats out of Portland that had a bag of ten Tuna up to 30kg.  in this location.These Tuna will migrate well East by this long weekend toward Bridgewater or beyond.

Redhot Charters crew with there catch.

Simons Catch today.


 24/2/13.Plenty of table fish today including Blue eye,some more 8kg. Tassie Trumpeter,sharks,flathead,morwong,Snook,Whiting etc.Steve Atcherson had a good Tuna that a big White Shark tried to take off him at the boat, and Pete Johnson lost a large 1.4 meter Tuna beside the boat after an hr. in 42 meter water.

Steve Atko with his Tuna.

One of feed patches  off Bridgewater today.


23/2/13.Pete Johnson caught 4 Chunky Tuna in 38 meters behind Lorance Rocks this Morning.Garry Bevington also caught 2 nice Tuna in the same location.Gary also had a good catch of Snook from Lorance Rocks.There was one Mako on the tables also.That was only the fish that we seen posibly others also were caught.Plenty of table fish being caught today.

Garry with one of his Tuna today.

Garry with one of his Snook today.


19/2/13.Sunday over 20 S.B.Tuna were caught here in 30/40 meter water and over the Shelf.The Tasssie Trumpter also came in again in catches up to 9.5 kg.Some nice Mako"s and Thrashers have also been caught by Sea spray charters.

Heath Berandi with 3 more 9.5 kg. Tassie Trumpter.

Robert Rizzo with a large Pink Ling from the 450 meter water.

Ricky Gross with some of todays Tuna.

Daniel Polkinhor shows one of there two Tuna on Sunday.

16/2/13.There has been a few Tuna caught at Port Mac in close as 30 meters last Saturday and Tuesday.They are about but not in large numbers.Today we caught 4 S.B.Tuna to 26 kg. just over the Shelf yet they are still not in numbers.There was two nice Tassie Trumpeter of 9.2 kg. in Jock Bakers catch today.

Brad Sproule,Simon Porter and Jock Baker with one of the 9.2 kg. Tassie Trumpeters.

 Todays Tuna.



8/2/13.Those who have a interest in local Mako Sharks which have been taged here in the last 50 days can check the movements on this "Link".

One of our local  released Mako's.

5/2/13.Today being the 4th. time over the years we have had S.B.Tuna in the Harbour that have been seen.One of the workers on the Ship Unloader took a photo on his pone after watching them for a while.It apears to be a school of 16+ and normal size.2006 was one of the years they were seen in this same location and early.

The photo from the Ship Unloader.


4/2/13.Two S.B.Tuna app. 26 kg. came in from Bridgewater bay yesterday.Port Mac had Tuna up to 36 kg. from in close yesterday.Plenty of 3+Kg. Salmon in front of Pivot yesterday and Gumies,Makos,Snapper,Whiting and the list goes on.Some 8 kg. Kings were caught also yesterday  well East of here.The Kings have not been as thick as other years.

Portland view on Thursday.


27/1/13.Plenty of 3 kg. to 3.8 kg.Salmon caught today.We only sighted 5 Tuna today to 31 kg.Some good Table fish catches including Gumies,Snapper,Morwong,Flathead etc.One Snapper in 70 meter water weighed in at 8Kg.

Chass Harris with his 31 kg. Tuna today.

Karl with one of his 3.8 kg.Salmon.

Thomas Kitchens 8 kg Snapper in his catch from the 70 meter water today.


26/1/13.Today the Tuna are not Abundant but still about 13 Tuna to 26 kg.were caught by some boats with any amount of Salmon up to 3 kg. and one even weighed in at 4.7 kg.All these Fish were caught in the 50 meter water.



Ranin Quoja,Jarrod Gauci,Idan Younis and Khaled Younis with some of todays Tuna.


23/1/13.The same two boats on the Tuna today with Tuna in Cape Nelson in30/40 meters of water.Steve Youngs boys had one up to near the 28+ kg. mark and released several Tuna as did Steve Xuerebs crew also.There is Tuna in Cape Nelson and Bridgewater bay.

Steve Youngs crews Tuna after releasing plenty.

Both Crews with some of there Tuna.

Steve and Joel Xuereb today.



As reported yesterday still any amount of S.B.Tuna except they are in closer today in the 30 meter water in Bridgewater is one good school.They have been feeding on Saries and big Pilchards.The 3 kg. Salmon on Saturday were feeding on these big Pilchards also as one of the Charter boats found out.Steve Xuereb and his crew were fishing for Shark and after watching them yesterday and today decided to tow one Lure only and 27 kg. was the result with plenty more under this one at the Gaff.So there is exposure of Tuna at Port Mac,Portland and Port Fairy in close now!!!

Tyson Yong,Christian Young,Steve Xuereb and Joel Xuereb.

The large Pilchards they are feeding on.


21/1/13.4 S.B.Tuna of 20 kg.+ caught and 1 lost at Port Mac. this morning in 20 meters of water out the front.Not the first report of tuna,Stripies or Albies from Here or Port Mac this year.Early but not unusual as even the the  one at Julia Percy Island last week.Today also one of the bigger Makos  was Ken Johnsons  at "96.2 kg. male Mako on 10 kg". line and also  some good 11 kg Gummie sharks.Some Tuna seen off Bridgewater in 70 meters also today.

Ken Johnsons 96.2 kg. male Mako on 10kg. line.


20/1/13.The Portland Bait & Tackle had 313 Entry this year,Only 2 small Yellow Tail were caught.The largest Whiting was .845 kg. Cleaned and Gilled yet plenty of big ones were weighed in.Largest Snapper was 3.7 kg.Another Bronze Whaler  of 138 kg. also came in again in a small aloy boat.Plenty of 2/3 kg Salmon and alot of other eating Sharks were also caught.

The 138 kg Bronze Whaler Shark today.


19/1/13.Alot of Snapper,Whiting,Salmon ,Gumies and School Shark today.Some of the largest Whiting were near the 1 kg. mark in todays Fishing Comp.

Some of todays Whiting.


12/1/13.Still good catches of the "Deep fish" with Blue Eye,Grenadier and a couple of boats have also been catching regular Hapuka in certain spots.

Dave with Blue Eye,Jack with Grenadier.


10/1/13.Some good medium size Kings,Mulloway with a mixture of Sharks,Blue Eye,Flathead,Snapper,Salmon and the list goes on.One Whaler Shark last night weiged in at 136 kg. caught in 2 meter water off the Nuns beach by Marcus Jarred in a small 3.2m.  Tinie.

5/1/13.John Haber and his mate Mario and my self fished the "Blue Eye" water today and grabed a good feed as did well known Kevin and his mates.Keven and others have been baging out most of this week on the prize fish.

John and Mario with one of the "Blue Eye".

Another Blue Eye.




4/1/13.Scott Niel landed a 160 kg. Thrasher Shark off Port Fairy today on bord "Hooked Up".Some Thrashers are in Portland waters up to the 90 kg. mark and smaller with simular of "Makos".There has been several Kings seen but not landed  but this will change very soon.Alot of boats are baging out on "Blue Eye" this week.


Scott Niels 160 kg.Atlantic Thrasher today.